For the timeline, the house is white to represent Gatsby's white mansion. the house is to portray a typical rich house in the 1920's. In the bottom right corner, there is a gray spot, which represents the ending of the story. At first Gatsby's house was very beautiful and grand because of his wealth, but the house is soon deteriating, when Gatsby dies and noone acknowledges him in the end.

For the timeline, I decided to choose the main events in the book that I believed were to be important.

The windows are important, for they represent to time period in the novel. At first, everything is perfect and nothing goes wrong, but as the story progresses, the window's condition gets worse. The windows get worse because as the story is nearing its end, the entire scenario and the characters are falling apart and the economy gets bad. Nothing goes right in the end.

The dance party at Gatsby's mansion.

Nick meets Jordan Baker.

Gatsby tells Jordan to tell Nick to set Gatsby and Daisy together.

George finds out about Myrtle's affair and he wants to take her out West.

Daisy hits Myrtle in Gatsby's yellow Rolls Royce.

Gtsby is shot by George Wilson while lying in his pool. George kills himself.

Gatsby's funeral.

Nick returns to the Midwest.